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Column Buckling

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We are designing a 100 - 24" diameter 1" Wall thick pipe as a chord. I found a reference using large deflection theray to determine the greatest deflection. As this is a transit condition, what force would be needed to hold it from buckling?
Gary Harris
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Subject: RE: collector increases

UBC 1633.2.6, last paragraph seems to say you can use Cd=1.33 for wood with the 1.7 allowable increase.
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Subject: collector increases

For a wood collector carrying load to a moment frame:
For checking combined bending + axial of collector (load combination of 1612.4, strength level forces) is it correct to use 1.7 stress increase per 1633.2.6 and 1.33 load duration factor Cd per Chapter 23 of Div. III ? And if so, why doesn't the design example  in Volume II (page 273-274) use the Cd=1.33?
For a steel strap connection, (collector to collector across a girder) or... for the connection of the collector to the moment frame, same question. Use 1.7 & 1.33 for bolt in wood capacity?