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FW: Effects of Fire on Concrete

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ACI had a "Special Publication" on the effects of fire on concrete.  There 
were also a couple of papers in the ACI Journal back in the 1960s or '70s on 
fire effects on concrete.  The SP and journals are in the office, so I will 
get back to you tomorrow (I hope) with the exact titles and journal issues.  
(I know where the SP is, but will have to look for the journals.  
I developed a procedure of writing the subject of articles that interested me 
on the spines of the journal.)

IIRC, one of the journal articles had to do with formwork fire on green 
concrete, another had to do with a fuel truck burning beneath a concrete 
bridge.  An interesting aspect of fire effect on concrete is that the 
concrete changes color irreversibly with temperature increase and by this, 
you can get a general idea of what temperature the concrete was exposed to.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona


. > I am trying to locate some photographs on the web of how fire affects
. > reinforced concrete members.  There are hundreds of photographs available 
. > of structural failures as a result of earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., but 
. > so far I have not found any showing a structural failure resulting from a 
. > fire, only reports and research papers describing the effect with 
. > drawings or sketches but no usable photographs.

. > Any assistance would be appreciated.

. > Thank you . . .

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