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RE: Column Buckling

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From the HSS spec:
lambda = b/t = (200-3(5) ) / 5 = 37.0
For Fy= 46ksi:
lambda_r = 1.4(29,0000/46)^.5 = 35.15
since lambda > lambda_r the section has a slender-element cross section. Therefore, there will be some local buckling.
How many people call out HSS vs. TS ? Is there a difference? Is there any reason to call out HSS over TS on the drawings?
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Subject: Re: Column Buckling

I have another problem with column buckling. I have a building having square hollow box sections used as columns. The columns sizes are 200 X 200 with 5mm thick walls.
I am told that such a column would undergo local buckling. Can anyone tell me what could be the criteria for local buckling.
The beams are connected to the columns with the help of flange plates as wide as the column at the junction shouldnt this prevent any local buckling. As far as the web is concerned it is connected with the help of a vertical plate fixed at centre of column to the web of beam. All joints are welded.
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