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RE: How is an Engineer certified as a forensics expert?

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You misunderstand what I said. The point wasn't that these fellows are not
proficient in written English, but that they are young, inexperienced and
expected simply to crank out what their bosses tell them to. It would seem
to me that if these folks were as serious about generating their reports as
their stock-in-trade indicated, they would have a tech writer to put
together the information from these engineers, or at least to polish what
they write.

I find it interesting that they would rather put out a badly written report
than incur the expense of time and money it would take to put out a good
one. And don't think these are isolated instances; I find this to be true of
about half the reports that I read.

And in fact, I am pretty good at fashioning reports, though it is obviously
not my finest talent. By "mincing words," though, I don't mean simply
writing them; I mean lining them up to say what my client would prefer that
I say, whether the facts support my conclusions or not.

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dear Mr.Bill,
You are contradicting your own words..
Intially you have said, young engineers whose first language was not
English..could deliver only a Poor Report.
Finally you are saying as a Seasoned Engineer, you are not an Expert in
getting words together..So is your First Language different..

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