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RE: How is an Engineer certified as a forensics expert?

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I would submit there is a difference between being technically
proficient-spelling words correctly-and having the talent required to
fashion a decent, readable report. Again, I don't denigrate any engineer
because he isn't a master at English. I have only a smattering of a couple
of languages, and wouldn't dare try to write a technical report in any of

But my chief occupation is "engineer," not technical writer, and my point
was that the guys who write the reports I'm speaking of are far better, too,
at engineering than they are at writing in English. That's not their fault,
but it reflects poorly on their employers who, if this stuff were really
important to them, would take measures to make sure that their reports
reflect that.

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In our Region all('most') the Spelling Bee contests are won by students from
other Mother Tongue.

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