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Brick with Metal Stud Backup

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I am designing a brick wall with a metal stud backup.  The BIA notes
recommend the metal stud be sized to support all the wind load with a
maximum deflection of h/600.  The building has a few areas with very tall
walls.  The worst case unbraced height is about 19 feet.  The component
and cladding wind pressure is 25 psf.

I have several questions:

1. Should the wind load be the 10 year wind load or the 50 year wind
load?  The 50 year wind load blows this out of the water for deflection
criteria, although the 10 year is not much better.
2. What have others done as solutions to tall stud walls?  Any
suggestions of how to economically reduce the wall height?  Perhaps
double studs or something like that?


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