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Job burnout

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I am astounded that you consider sealing work that you produce as, "a plus," 
considering the conditions under which you work.  I would never ask (or even 
permit) an employee to seal plans unless they were in a supervisory position, 
a partner or a corporate officer.

I have frequently advised new registrants, who are anxious to use their 
seals, not to seal work that they produce as an employee unless they have a 
direct impact on the success of the firm and their compensation reflects 
their responsibility.

Early in my career, I was employed at a place where engineering was located 
in a large, open area dubbed, "the fishbowl."  I, too, was distracted by the 
constant din and head-turning sound of high-heeled shoes clicking down the 
hallway.  My solution was to get earplugs.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

burnedup wrote:

. > If there is anyone on this list who has successfully overcome
. > job burnout, I need some help on how you did it.

. > After years of demanding clients, faxed due dates, contractors
. > with personnel who can't read construction documents, RFI's
. > requiring immediate response, and incomplete architectural plans,
. > I am ready to give up.

. > Add to that seeing registration law violations on a weekly basis
. > by the owner of the firm who will not discuss them since he makes
. > money that way, having to furnish my own computer (unless I want
. > to use a 486) and design software, and having to pay for
. > continuing education. No pay raise or profit sharing even if
. > everyone works 12+ hour days, but the boss can take overseas
. > trips.  Paychecks bounce because money is not transferred
. > into the accounts soon enough.

. > The only plus is that I seal the documents on my projects and not
. > have someone who has never looked at project place their seal.

. > I have looked at other firms in my area and am amazed. How can
. > someone work in a cubicle that doesn't have the space to open
. > a set of plans? Also the noise for me is overwhelming to the
. > point I can't concentrate.

. > If I don't get any replies, does any one know where someone with
. > 30+ years experience could end out their career doing something
. > affiliated with structural engineering?

. > --burnedup and out

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