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RE: Column Buckling

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HSS is the official designation as established by the Steel Tube Institute (yes, I get the irony that they still have Tube in their name). Specifying TS does not get you a product with a thicker wall than an HSS of the same nominal designation. TS (old designator) and HSS (new designator) are the same thing. The change was arbitrary and capricious, but made nonetheless.
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How many people call out HSS vs. TS ?
within the last 6 months i've tried to call out HSS for my sections at 2 different firms, only to be overruled by my superiors.
 Is there a difference?
i think people are correlating TS with nominal wall thicknesses and HSS with actual thicknesses.  the end result is that if they use the "green" book they callout TS.  i don't think anyone using a "black" or "navy blue" book would have a problem using HSS.
Is there any reason to call out HSS over TS on the drawings?
just a transition period, me thinks...