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Re: Job burnout

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It was called a bullpen at Northrop in 1963 when I started my engineering career. I got on the Apollo project and spent the best 5 years of my engineering life there. I also demanded, and got, a 5% raise every 6 months. When Apollo ended, the raises ended, and I packed my tent and moved on.
I expect that after so long at one place it might be scary to quit, but life is too short to be miserable at your job.  Cut the cord and  find a job where you are appreciated you won't regret it.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Ray Pixley wrote:
I believe the politically correct name for it these days is a "bullpen"

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Early in my career, I was employed at a place where engineering was located 
in a large, open area dubbed, "the fishbowl."
Like a large aerospace outfit which I remember as the armpit of my 
career. Vast open area with rows of desks, 5.2 employees per telephone
and God help the guy who had the phone on his desk. Like working on the
NYSE trading floor. My solution was to get another job.

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