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RE: Job burnout

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> remember that the grass is always greener over the septic tank.
True, but in this particular circumstance it was really the case. When I 
left the aerospace firm, they had a yearly turnover of about 25%. I'd get 
out of my car in the morning and look around and think to myself, 'Is 
this place really all there is? guys afraid to leave Florida, more guys 
just putting in time for 30 years in a job they hate?' and a great 
depressing fog would come over me. Then I made contact with a local 
outfit who wanted to hire there first full-time degreed engineer. They 
were getting into the offshore industry and had made a couple of 
successful small submarines and were looking to make another and maybe 
branch out into diver support equipment. They were well-capitalized, and 
when they offered me the same benefits and salary as I was making at 
Armpit Technologies, I leaped. It was mind-blowing. All the 
responsibility I could handle and then some, long hours, a certain amount 
of crawling around in weld shops, impossible questions to answer, but a 
real chance to make a difference, to meet interesting people (I once 
spent a weekend playing side-scan sonar with Harold Edgerton and one 
morning after an all night hydrostatic test, I had a chance to chat with 
Alan Shepherd who was taking off from the Astronaut business to go 
undersea.) It was absolutely euphoric. Some things changed that I needn't 
go into, but those 7 years made me into an actual engineer, and I met a 
number of people that I learned more from and to whom I owe more than I 
could possibly relate. The only down side is that it killed me for 
regular corporate employment, although it took me a while to realize it. 

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