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RE: Steel Moment Frames in Seismic Zone 0

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Okay, dumb question time (I seem to be the one that brings them up, so other
people don't have to. C'mon, you know who you are!)

Anyway, I haven't had time to catch up with the IBC as yet, though I do have
a copy sitting here looking pretty. I remember hearing that seismic design
is going to HAVE to be considered even in places were it never was before
(i.e. Zone 0/Zone 1). Is this true?

It appears from Charlie's response to Mark that this is the case. I know I
could just crack open the UBC and start reading (and I've even purchased
several of the supplemental publications such as the "Structural/Seismic
Design Manual for IBC Vol. 1," so I could go there as well).

But I like the capsule descriptions that folks like Charlie and Harold
always give.


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>I am preparing to design a 4 story moment
>frame office building on the east coast
>(seismic zone 0) and was wondering what
>other folks have been doing.
>What are some other engineers in this area
>requiring?  What is standard practice?

It all depends upon the R factor you select (or are permitted to select in
the applicable building code)....

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