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RE: Effects of Fire on Concrete

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I remember an article in Structural Engineer magazine regarding the
affects of polymer reinforcing on the fire resistance of concrete.
It had several photos of tests conducted with and without the polymer
reinforcing, but I cannot locate the specific issue.  You might be
able to give them a call to see if they could provide you with a
copy of the information.  They have done that for me in the past.
Their website ( has some of their articles
on-line but not many at this point. 

Good luck.

Joseph M. Fabregas VI
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Subject: FW: Effects of Fire on Concrete

I am trying to locate some photographs on the web of how fire affects
reinforced concrete members.  There are hundreds of photographs
available of structural failures as a result of earthquakes, tornadoes,
etc., but so far I have not found any showing a structural failure
resulting from a fire, only reports and research papers describing the
effect with drawings or sketches but no usable photographs.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you . . .

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