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RE: Stainless steel rust

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I doubt they where heated to bend them. The rusting is most likely caused by
poor fabrication methods. Fabricating stainless steel with equipment
previously used on carbon steels contaminates the stainless with particles
of iron/steel  which rust. Most 
fabricating shops do not do enough stainless steel fabrication to keep
equipment dedicate to stainless steel or clean it before using on stainless.
Also using carbon steel tools (wire brushes, etc) also cause the same thing.
Dick Roberts
Occidental Chemical Corp

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Subject: Stainless steel rust

Speaking of rust and stainless steel, I was in a poo-poo pump station to
observe fiberglass gratings and handrails stiffness and stuff.  I was also
looking around and noticed that the stainless steel plates that were bent to
form pipe brackets/supports were showing rust wherever the bends were.  The
non-bent portions were OK.  I surmised that this was due to the heat used to
bend the pieces changing some molecules around.  Has anyone observed this
phenomenon elsewhere? 


Glenn C. Otto, P.E.


Virginia Beach, VA


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