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Slabs on Grade - or rather Slabs on Slabs

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The project call for adding rail road rails to an existing concrete slab to provide a wear surface for cleaning with a front end loader, FEL.  The existing slab is structural strong enough for the application but it is being chewed up by the blade on the FEL.  I have eliminated cutting a groves in the slab to place new R/R Rails because this would cut the compression steel (the existing slab has top and bottom reinforcement).

The existing slab is ~45' x 90' and 3' thick with #8 on 6" top and bottom both ways.

I am considering adding ~1'-0 slab on top of the existing slab and placing the R/R Rails in this addition as a wear surface.  The new slab would be anchored to the existing slab via Hilti's chemical adhesive placed dowels and the rails would be place in a new mat of re-bars.  The dowels are to restrain the new slab from moving.  Sudden Acceleration and De-Acceleration forces for these trucks is considerable but CAT will not provided an acceleration value.

The slab to slab inter-phase would be prepared by surface roughening if the FEL's haven't already done so.

I have pick up a copy of Designing Floor Slabs on Grade by Ringo & Anderson.  This book nor its references do not handle the size of the haul vehicle or make any suggestions for analyze the second slab.  The application is for a 700,000 lb (GVW) end dump haul trucks, CAT 789. The book is for warehouse type applications and maybe for standard highway vehicles.  If you are working with mine applications, consider another reference.  I have not found one.

I am looking for suggestions on issues I may be overlooking or if someone has a reference I should check out before I release my design.

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