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Re: heat transmission through firewall

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I assume the steel plates and bolts are seismic resistance items.

One question that frequently comes up is: What if there is a fire during an

Is that the issue generating your question?

If so, several of the Building Officials we have worked with have determined
that the combined risk is low.  Seismic elements in retrofit projects (in
our experience) have not been required to be given fire protection (spray

If the concern is that the seismic thru-bolt may fail in a fire, that seems
likely in the slight probability that there is a fire when an earthquake
happens.  Again, in our experience, protection will not be required by the
Building Official.

If it is required to have protection for this remote coincidence, you may
want to consider fireproofing the plate and bolt on each side of the fire
wall with the same rating as the masonry fire wall.

with Joy and Hope
Bob Freeman, Architect
Structural designer

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