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2 story retail/office building and lateral stability at the roof

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Hi, have a question regarding lateral stability during construction.
I have a project that is a rectangular, 2 story building -  67' wide x 170' long - metal framed w/ metal stud & brick veneer curtain walls, and a gabled roof..  The architect has drawn some very large, triangular roof trusses - 20' tall x 33' long spaced at 24" o.c., these trusses are to be designed by a wood truss manufacturer. The second floor is going to be your typical floor joist + concrete slab construction.  At the roof level is whre i have some questions. 
1)  Should I provide steel joists at the roof level for lateral stability or can I count on the wood trusses to provide this?  I can't see how i can count on the wood trusses since they are being designed by someone else.
2)  Should I provide some sort of lateral stability assuming the wood roof trusses won't be placed immediatly after the steel erection?
3)  There's talk about putting some rooftop units in a flat area of the roof where steel joists/roof deck will be.  So essentially this building will have 2 different roof systems:  1)modified roof /steel deck/roof joists 2) Asphalt shingles/felt/plywood/wood trusses.  Doesn't this sound goofy?
Was this clear?
Alden Manipula