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RE: ASTM A 333

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American structural pipe material uses ASTM A53 Gr. B or if you simply want a round column, Round HSS is made according to A500 or A501. The A333 material that you are talking about is not normally used as Structural Steel in the American Specification, but if you need the structural properties of the steel, you can get it here:

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Subject: ASTM A 333


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Subject: ASTM A 333

I'm an italian structural engineer. I designed a structure with circular

steel columns ø600mm 10mm thick. Material specification are, accordin

italian building code "Fe 430 C" type steel that hase the following


tensile strenght >430N/mm²

yield strenght >275N/mm²

elongation >28%

impact test @ 0°C >27J

According to European Norm EN 100025 it is equivalent to:

S275J0 as per EN 10027-1

St-44-3U in Germany

E-28-3 in France

43C in U.K.

My contractor require to use, due to availability, a pipe made of ASTM A 333

grade 6 steel. Since I'm not an expert of ASTM specification, I've some


can anyone tell me what mechanical and chemical properties the ASTM A 333

grade 6 steel has?

since I found that it's a special use steel (low temperatures), is it

suitable for structural application?

which kind of steel would you prescribe for steel round columns?

I'll really appreciate any clue!