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RE: Concrete Slabs-on-Grade

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Harold Sprague wrote:
"Big industrial floor companies like Kalman tailgate everything and eliminate the pumping problem.  They also use laser screeds, and enough finishers to do the job right.  I developed a difficult mix on one occasion due to some other constraints and consulted with a Kalman superintendent (Charlie with a cowboy hard hat) to see if he could place it.  He told me that if I gave him dog ****, he could place it and finish it.  The concrete was placed perfectly, finished perfectly, cured perfectly, and there were no cracks."
Cowboy hard hats are "way cool", and fully ANSI approved.  They are manufactured in Brownwood, Texas.  You can order one in white, black, or tan at:
Of course, if you happen to be anti-Texan (a.k.a., unenlightened), they also have lots of other special hard hats for sale, including several patriotic ones.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Naturalized Texan
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