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RE: T.G.I. and lentils (Christopher W.)

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>I don't think I'm "copping an attitude",
>just adding some fun to a stressful week, I guess.
Could be some of Harold Sprague's iron worker buddies might not agree. I 
just think laughing at someone in public is disrespectful.

I've learned some valuable things form some the trades I've worked 
with--about the most valuable was from a guy who told me he didn't talk 
to engineers much--he thought we were a bunch of know-it-all snobs (he 
used another term), and he didn't see much point in wasting his time. 
Afterwards, when we'd talked a little more, he told me some very useful 
things about the grain bin we were checking out. He knew how it'd 
actually been built and used, and I shared what I knew about why this 
particular one was getting a flat spot on one side and how I knew. We 
both came away smarter and better off. 

That same lesson was repeated on several other occasions, because I made 
myself ignore all the screamingly funny mispronunciations and terminology 
mistakes just as the welder or rigger was able to ignore my preposterous 
ignorance of piping layout and hoist maintenance. Besides, any 
steelworker with the cojones to walk between col-yums on beam flanges 30 
stories up has paid enough dues to call the damn things whatever he 

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