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Re: T.G.I. and lentils and rebarbs FLOOR JOISTS

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		Mezzaline for mezzanine.
		Spaniel for spandrel.
		And if the "heard it wrongs" were not enough, there are lots
of brand names that have come into use as generic terms and are now synonyms
for other words, some from other brand names and some from other sources,
that confuse the person lacking experience and a dictionary. I think this is
especially prevalent in welding, but that is certainly not the only area.
The only thing we are missing is recursive acronyms as they have in
electronics and software (as in GNU meaning GNU's Not Unix).
		As for whether we engineers are ironic when we talk of
others making spelling and grammatical errors. Yes, but we cannot learn to
communicate accurately if we are not aware of the proper terms. And it is
sometimes useful to discuss something with someone in his vernacular. To an
author, words are the world. As much as I write, I should think the same way
if I possibly can.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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