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Increaing double-angle brace compressive strength

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We need to increase the compressive strength of some double 
angle braces. Y-Y axis buckling is the problem. Our first thought 
was to bolt a channel to each one so that the channel web is in 
contact with the angle outstanding legs and the angle outstanding 
legs nestle between the channel flanges thus (hope this art comes 
|  ----   ----   |
       | |
       | |

Call this Case A.  It is easy to analyze using the "lean-on" bracing 

Where this arrangement is physically impossible because of 
attachments to the brace, it would be possible to invert the channel 
and bolt it to the back-to-back legs thus:

   ----   ----   
       | |
|      | |        |

Call this Case B.

I like Case A much better than B, mostly because in Case A, the 
shear centers of the channel and double angles are relatively close 
to each other.   In Case B, they are quite distant.  The problem is 
figuring out whether or not there is a significant difference in the 
effect of the reinforcement.  

I've considered the column-constrained-to-buckle-about-a-fixed-axis 
concept for Case B, but that's not completely accurate.  Might be 
good enough, though.  Any comments or other ideas on how to 
approach Case B would be appreciated.

Dave Evans, P.E.
TNH, Inc.

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