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SE Refresher Course

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Attention  Fellow Structural Engineers:

Submitted for your consideration:

Can you please post in your next  (future)  newsletter  - website  ???

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I think there might be some of your colleagues,  associates  might be 
interested  in the following announcement.


Bob  Johnson
203  North Wabash    Suite  2010
Chicago,  IL   60601

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Illinois structural engineers.  Winners  in the Annual Excellence in 
Structural Engineering Competition are now posted.


CONTACT:   Donna Childs   312-372-4198


Chicago,    August;     The Continuing Education Committee of the Structural 
Engineers Association of Illinois (SEAOI) is planning to present its 
2002-2003 Structural Engineers Refresher Course at a downtown location in 
Chicago.  The refresher course provides an in-depth review of structural 
engineering principles and applications.  It is intended to help prepare 
candidates for the Illinois Structural Engineers State Board Examination.

Sessions will be held on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 7:45 p.m.  
The course is tentatively scheduled to begin on November 11, 2002 and end on 
March 31, 2003 for a total of 35 sessions.

Instructors will be Lindsay M. Anderson, Lindsay Anderson Consulting, Park 
Ridge; W. Gene Corley, Construction Technology Laboratories, Skokie; Burton 
A. Lewis, Ret., De Leuw Cather, Chicago; Robert G. Lukas, Ground Engineering 
Consultants, Northbrook; and David P. Gustafson, Concrete Reinforcing Steel 
Institute, Schaumburg.

Content areas of the course are exam details, foundations, structural steel 
design, timber design, structural concrete and masonry, and seismic design.

This high-value course has established a long and rich history.  The course 
started in the 1950's at Navy Pier (Univ. of Ill.).  In the 1960's, the 
course moved to the University of Illinois at Chicago where it was presented 
for some 25 years.  SEAOI has sponsored the course for the past 11 years.

The 2002-2003 course will feature 61 hours of classroom interaction with 
experienced instructors-providing an excellent forum for intensive review and 
stimulating discussion of the broad range of content areas.

Feedback from candidates in past courses has been favorable.  Many 
individuals have commended SEAOI for making such a course available in the 
Chicago area.  They have also complimented SEAOI on the breadth and depth of 
the course plus the dedication of the veteran instructors - emphasizing that 
such resources played a major role in getting them ready for the rigorous 
state exam. 

Further information regarding the upcoming 2002-2003 refresher course is 
available by calling the SEAOI office at 312/372-4198.  Early registration is 


News brief reminder:

Contact the SEAOI office for details of  other SEAOI Meetings or 
visit the SEAOI Website: 


September 10th   Dinner meeting   Topic to be announced
October 17-19th     NCSEA Conference in Chicago
                        go to  for program,  registration
November 18th   SEF  fall lecture  (FREE!!!)     Werner Sobek
Nov-December      Annual Charity Toy Drive
December 3rd        Dinner Meeting     Topic to be announced
January  7th            Dinner meeting
January     (??)        Regional Finals in Future City Competition
January 23rd            Annual Trade Show
February 16-22         National Engineers Week(r)
March                      Call for Entries in Annual Design Competition



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