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RE: Difference between rigid and flexible culvert

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Examples of flexible culvert are PVC, Polyethylene, basically any "plastic" type pipe.  The strengths of these pipes rely heavily on the backfill type and the proper placement of backfill, since as they flex they gain support from the soil around it.  Conversely, rigid pipe, such as concrete, does not rely on the backfill as much (although still important).
Chic Gilligan, PE
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Subject: Difference between rigid and flexible culvert

Im currently designing manholes and handholes which i know that is almost same when designing box culverts. In LRFD design, there is a load factor design of 1.0 for rigid culvert and 1.5 for flexible culvert, I just want to know what's the difference between them. Could you give me example of flexible culverts?
Please help, thanks.

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