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str steel bldg cost estimates - brace frame vs. moment frame

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I am reviewing the design (by others) of a
steel-framed building with composite floors and brick
veneer exterior walls.  The design is at schematic

The building is approx 54,000 SF.  The cost estimate
includes the following assumptions: 12 lbs of
structural steel per SF; str steel at $2350 per ton
(=$1.18 per lb); total cost of str steel $775,500. 
The narrative assumes brace frames for the LFRS.

In the subsequent meeting brace frames vs moment
frames was discussed.  Due to architectural
constraints (braces across windows) a moment frame is
preferred by the architect; however, the str engineer
was quoted as saying that moment frames would be an
additional $150,000 to $200,000.  This is an increase
of 19% over the brace frame estimate.  I can
understand that the members would be larger (but only
in the LFRS) and the moment frame connections are more
expensive, but a 20% premium seems excessive.

Does it seem reasonable to you that the cost for
structural steel for moment frames would be 20% higher
than for brace frames?


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