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Corrosion of Corten in concrete

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The following elicited only a single response (though a very usefulone - thanks Nels). I am posting it again in case it was missed in the weekend :


This subject has already been discussed on this forum but there is a new problem where list members may be able to help.

The last comprehensive paper on this subject, to my knowledge, was "Durability of corrosion resistant steels in concrete" by Treadway, Cox and Brown of the Building Research Establishment in U.K. and the paper was published in the Proc.I.C.E. in 1989. Its conclusions were unambiguous : corten was NOT suitable for reinforcing concrete. This was echoed by Harold, Bart and many others on this list in the last round.

Unfortunately, the above conclusions have recently been challenged on the grounds that the corten steel composition  ("typical analysis") given in Table 1 of that paper included "0.21% sulphur" and this, it is claimed, was responsible for the poor performance (pitting corrosion) observed in the BRE tests. I am not aware of any corten-type steels - or, indeed, any steel other than resulphurized free machining types - having sulphur in excess of 0.05% (even in the 1980's).Can anyone on this list comment on this?

I will be obliged if anyone can supply the e-mail address of any/all of the authors ; my mail to treadwayk(--nospam--at) bounced.


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