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RE: Roof Sheathing at Ridges

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I'm not from Florida and I know the winds are high there.  However, I use to build a lot of houses (worked on a framing crew for 5 yrs while in high school and college and remodeled houses) and it is common to leave about a 2" open gap on each side of the ridge line to install the ridge vent.  I am willing to say the gap does not reduce the strength of the system at all. The ridge vent does extend the life of the roofing material and in some cases the plywood itself.
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Subject: Roof Sheathing at Ridges

I walked down the street yesterday evening to look at a house that is under construction.  The house is a 1-story with wood trusses.  It appears that a ridge vent will be used at the ridge line and I saw no indication of blocking near the ridge - in other words, the roof sheathing on each side of the ridge has a free edge (albiet only 2' long) between the trusses along the ridge line.  Is that typical?  I'm not a timber or house guy, but it seems to me that something more would be required there, especially in a high wind area.
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