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Re: Roof Sheathing at Ridges

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Ahhh, yes!  My chronic bane.  Yes, something is required.  we have used a 4x_ ridge beam that allows for nailing of roof sheathing to a real connection across.  The jury is still out as to the behaviour of such a connection but at least there is one.  Where  necessary, venting can be done around the beam/rafter connection.
I'd like to be part of a research group that conducts some testing of the shear transfer across roof ridges of differing pitches :^)

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Subject: Roof Sheathing at Ridges

I walked down the street yesterday evening to look at a house that is under construction.  The house is a 1-story with wood trusses.  It appears that a ridge vent will be used at the ridge line and I saw no indication of blocking near the ridge - in other words, the roof sheathing on each side of the ridge has a free edge (albiet only 2' long) between the trusses along the ridge line.  Is that typical?  I'm not a timber or house guy, but it seems to me that something more would be required there, especially in a high wind area.
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