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Re: Roof Sheathing at Ridges

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I guess I am missing something in this discussion about why the ridge would be critical in a roof diaphragm.  I am assuming the eaves on both side are where the forces eventually go to.  It would seem the ridge of a gable roof would not need to transfer shear unless all the load was being transfered to one side only.   

This would be similar to Roof X-bracing in a metal building where the loads are assumed to be near zero at the center of the roof and accumulate in the rods as you proceed to the eaves.  The rods in the center are generally smaller than the ones near the eaves since the rod load increases as you near the eave.  The only time this is not true is when we are using what is called "one-sided" bracing where one eave is assumed zero because there is not any wall bracing present and then all load must transfer to the other wall.  In these cases, the center rods do not have a lower force than the unbraced eave.

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL

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