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RE: USS Sheet Pile Design Manual

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Thanks Jyouru.  I visited your site earlier today, downloaded and browsed through both the Trenching and Shoring Manual as well as the Foundation Manual.  However, I didn't find the USS manual in the appendix of either one, as Alan suggested.  Was it only included on earlier additions? 

I've continued my search eslewhere, but to no avail.  I've even had some very kind-hearted individuals who have offered to mail or fax me a photocopy.  I really thought I'd be able to download/print this manual from some website out there in cyberspace, but I quess I was being too optimistic. 

As much as this manual is referenced, you would think that someone would have continued to publish it.  At the least, it seems like someone could publish it electronically on the web so us young engineers could benefit.

 Jyouru_Lyang(--nospam--at) wrote:

Caltrans Falsework Manual, trenching and Shoring Manual, Bridge Deck
Construction Manual, prestress Manual, and Foundation Manual are available

Jyouru Lyang, SE

> The USS Steel Sheet Pile Design Manual is a true classic and well worth
> search. The copy I have came as an appendix to the CalTrans Publication
> "California Trenching and Shoring Manual". The CalTrans manual is also
> excellent publication, full of good information in an easy to understand
> apply format. The CalTrans Manual cost $50 in 1999 and included the USS
> Manual. The CalTrans manual was available then (and I assume is now)
> the Division of Structures, Office of Structure Construction, Sacremento,
> California. Contact telephone number 916-227-8982.
> Caltrans also publishes excellent (both in content and in value)
> on Falsework, Foundations, Bridge Deck Construction and Prestressed
> Construction.
> I design temporary structures for a general contractor in Maine, and have
> found all these publications great buys.

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