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RE: Steel Ladder Studs

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USG used to make "Trussteel" studs and I remember having literature for 
some other manufacturer also.  The chords consisted of a pair of wire and 
the webs were of trussed wire.  I don't recall any with a "ladder" 
configuration.  These studs were often used with metal lath and plaster 
walls.  They could also be used with gypboard lath.  You might be able to 
find some other manufacturers by looking at UL for fire-rated wall 

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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Subject:	Steel Ladder Studs

 << File: ATT00024.htm >> I am involved in retrofitting a building built in 
the 1960's.  The non-bearing partitions consist of 4" steel "ladder studs".
The existing drawings have no information on the type of studs used, but a 
trip to the site revealed that 4" steel "ladder studs" were used.  Does 
anyone have any reference / historical / testing information on "ladder 

Any help or direction is appreciated.

Thank you,

Ben Faircloth

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