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Re: MathCAD

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I noticed that you are hooked on Mathcad.  I have been using excel to do my design and have not quite moved on to Mathcad though I have thought about it.  I would appreciate if you could share your experience in moving from excel to mathcad.

I have developed quite a collection of design programs in excel and am kinda hesitant to move on to Mathcad.  I am not sure if Mathcad can read excel files - that that would certainly help.

Gautam Manandhar
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From: "Nels Roselund, SE" <njineer(--nospam--at)>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 10:40:04 -0700
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: MathType -- Is any one using it?

> Have you tried, or are you using MathType?  How does it compare with Mathcad
> or Tedds?
> It's a math software that works in word processor program, MSWord or
> MacIntosh.  It looks good.
> It's available from for $129.  I'm hooked
> on Mathcad, but the MathType demonstration makes it look worth trying in
> lieu with keeping up with the Mathcad periodic upgrades.
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer
> South San Gabriel, CA
> njineer(--nospam--at)


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