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RE: How to consider cracking in concrete using FEM?

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I don't know of any that explicitly checks for and deals with cracking.  I do it by estimating the gross inertia and cracked inertia by hand then scale "E" in the software for the appropriate element.  I would separate the columns into two elements.  One that is cracked with the reduced "E" and a non-cracked section with the proper "E".  This isn't exact, but should be pretty close for columns.  As for the slab, the only easy way is to introduce the plastic hinges by hand (place a rotational spring at the hinge point).  Might not be too accurate for a slab, I would think through this a little first. 
One thing to remember, just because your computer says the stress distribution is one thing, doesn't mean natural will agree with you! 
Best of luck,
Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT

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Subject: How to consider cracking in concrete using FEM?

I have a bridge model in FEA software, 3 spans, both of the piers are RC, Steel box girder, upper part RC. I wanted to see cracking effect in the RC piers and slab but I couldn't. Results are a bit suspicious. I tried it with Nastran but I heard that Nastran cant consider cracking effect. Is there any FEA software which also considers that? Or any other methods? Thanks a lot for and idea or criticism.
Ozturk (Civil Engr.)
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