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Re: MathCAD

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>In a larger office where these may be shared the 
>checking is near impossible.  Not that it can't be done but trying to 
>figure out Cell B5 times Cell G134 which is the square root from a lookup 
>table, well you get the idea.
Ah feel yore pain, but systematic use helps a lot. Try using names for 
variables instead of cell indexes. It makes the formula look like a real 
formula and helps with tracking. I still use Excel 4 and there are some 
good auditing tools that came with it for tracking down what means what. 
The business of uncritical use of someone else's work is always a 
problem. I don't share my spreadsheets for that reason--too much 
possibility for mis use. Anyone who doesn't check results from a 
spreadsheet is really looking for trouble.

And for you Macheads out there, Wolfram Research 
<>has new calculation software, 
Calculation Center which sounds pretty good, especially at $295 a copy. 
Wolfram's Mathematica has always been the primo package but overkill for 
routine engineering arithmetic. CC looks like just the thing for updating 
my  my boiler code Excel workbooks. Runs on Windoze, too, but why would 
anyone bother... ;-> 

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