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Re: MathCAD

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Nels and all that participated:

Thanks for your input.  I think I will give Mathcad a try.

Some of the things I do in programming excel:
1. Before I create a prgram,I do a hand calc.  I use the hand calc as a verification tool for later use.
2. I use the "name" function extensively.  This helps debugging a lot.  It hepls programming too.
3. I input lot of comments within the cells so that my assumptions and thought process during the programming is documented.  This has helped me when I try to use a spreadsheet I have not used for some time.
4. I use graphics where ever possible so as to have a instant check of my input data, moment diagrams etc.
5.  I print out the values of the cells within a formula using the "&" function.  Programming takes a long time - but it helps a lot in checking the output. Also, plan checkers can't complain because the actual calculation is printed out.
6. Once I am satisfied that the program is correct,I lock up the formula cells with a password so that others can't change it.



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