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Inland Steel Joists

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To All,
I am working on the renovation of a high school in the Seattle area built in the mid 1960s.  The joists are called out "by Inland Steel Products".  These joists do not have a top chord but seem to be using the metal deck (which is parallel with the joists and heavy gage) as a top chord.  The braces are joined at the top with a gusset connection and a flat steel plate.  I can't see any visible means of attachment between the deck and the plate.  The original design documents refer to the specs and "Standard Inland Steel Componenet Details", but these cannot be located.  The joists are typically 5' oc and spans vary from 35' to 100'.
Can anyone shed some light on this system?  Typical details used, etc?  Standard capacities?  Design methodology?
Thank you.