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Re: Lintels and their design

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The problem that i am having a headache over is 
a wide flange beam 20 feet long, simply supported carrying 300 pounds per foot, 4 inches
eccentric to center line of beam.
what guideline can you give me concerning torsion
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Do you mean to handle torsion from a side loading?  If the framing hung off the side is simply supported most people would ignore the torsion.  There are not code provisions for torsion in the 97 UBC or the 99 ACI 530. If the framing is cantilevered off the side of a lintel, I missed that day in masonry design. 
If you mean unbalanced loading on different spans - it is required by 97 UBC 1612.1 "...The most critical effect can occur when one or more contributing loads are not acting..." and  by 2000 IBC 1607.10 "... the minimum applied loads shall be the full dead loads on all spans in combination with the reduced floor live load or the full live loads on adjacent spans and on alternate spans."
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Dear Sirs
I would like to know the current philosophy on the design of masonry lintels carrying an unbalanced load...
Is there a good reference for this problem
thank you

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