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Re: Fluorogold slide bearing alternatives

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        You could consider:

1.)    a generic bearing consisting of teflon bonded to the lower plate with a stainless steel face on the upper plate.  The upper plate should be larger to completely cover the teflon at all times and also to keep dust and abrasive materials out of the joint.  You may need to introduce a neoprene pad or some other device to accommodate end rotation of the trusses.  This will have a coefficient of friction less than 0.1.

2.)    neoprene bearing pads.  These will require a higher lateral load to activate the deformation.  If they actually slide the frictional force will be in excess of 0.5; if the thickness is calculated to prevent sliding the "effective coefficient of friction" (if one can use that term for non sliding) will be less but still higher than for teflon bearings.

        Hope one of these ideas is useful to you.


H. Daryl Richardson

Ken Peoples wrote:

I have a project with 70' long trusses with stainless steel bottom chords.  The vertical reaction is about 20 kips and the trusses will rest on top of existing concrete walls.  I do not know what kind of horizontal load the walls can take as this will be the responisbility of others.  We specified Fluorogold slide bearing plates, but the owner does not want to use them because of the expense.  It has been suggested that we might use a "polished" stainless steel plate assembly.  I do not know the cost difference or what kind of friction factor I could expect to obtain with this system.  I would like to know if any of you have any experience with using this type of system for a sliding connection or if you might suggest other less expensive alternatives to the Fluorogold. Thanks in advance for your help, Best regards, Ken  Kenneth S. Peoples, P. E.
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