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Perforated Shear Wall

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To all:

Perforated wood shear walls:

The perforated shear wall design procedure outlined in SEAOC handbook ?Seismic Design ? Vol II Building Design Example? page 69-70? seems to work fine if the lengths of the shear walls on either side of the opening are equal.  However, if the wall length varies, then this method does not seem to work.  Assuming the shear in the wall panels are proportional to the wall lengths (simplified shear load distribution) there will be a discrepancy in the load in the free body diagram ? especially at the free body diagram of the wall section right below the opening. ? the vertical shear values will not match.

IBC 200 and NEHRP do have an analysis method for perforated shear walls. However, I feel kind of worried to use it (other than that California has not adopted it) because it does not seem to consider the shear flow around the openings.

Since it is more likely than not that the shear wall lengths on either sides will be unequal, I would appreciate your input into how you solve this problem.  Of course, there is the easy way out ? consider each panel separately and out in larger holddown. 



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