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RE: More on Lintels

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There are also a few design issues which you have not yet mentioned:
You might want to consider your lintel as unbraced which would probably lower your allowable stresses.
You also might want to consider that the lintel is acting as a wind girt, and should be designed to laterally support a tributary area of masonry above it, as well as a tributary area of the window, door, or whatever is below it.
You may end up using a more compact beam than you thought - but which would also help in torsion.
Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI
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Hello All
A lintel, wide flange shape with bottom plate, carries masonry load min bearing only at ends, having an eccentricity causing torsion load, it is designed for the vertical loading and the tensional stress and is about 20 feet long 3" eccentricity and within the allowable 0.3" deflection requirement and combined stress is less then 0.66Fy.
Is there a requirement to be concerned about the rotation of the member if the above is satisfied?
Thank you

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