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insulated concrete wall form recommendations

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I have an owner who would like to use an "insulated concrete form"
exterior wall system (commonly referred to as an ICF wall) for a church
building.   I have never used them before and want to get some insight
into using them.  I have read that they are very "installer dependant". 
If the installer is inexperienced or poor then the finished work can be
very poor.  The exterior wall finish is brick veneer up to sill height
and then probably EIFS above that.
Can I get some references both positive and negative to using this
material?  What should I look out for?  What should I be sure is included
in my specifications/notes?  What are some good references for design
such as technical literature, magazine articles, manufacturers
literature, etc.?  I know it comes in block shape and sheets.  Which has
had the best results?  I have gable end walls that are very tall as you
can image for a church sanctuary.  Are there any design rules for the
width of wall based on the height?
Thanks for your help!



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