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RE: shotcrete walls

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Title: RE: shotcrete walls

UBC Sec. 1701.5, item #12 ("Special Inspections, Shotcrete"), requires special inspection "During the taking of test specimens and placing of all shotcrete and as required by Secs. 1924.10 & .11".  The exceptions are; "Shotcrete work fully supported on earth, minor repairs ...".  The two referenced sections require special inspection for strength (.10) and for placement and shotcreting technique (.11).  Sec. 1924.5 further requires that "When required by the building official a test panel be shot, cured, cored or sawn, examined and tested prior to commencement of the project". 

If using bars greater than #5, a test panel must be shot.

Test panels are probably a good thing as the skill of the "nozzleman" and "rodman" (?) are critical.  These two skilled individuals that make the test panel are also the same two that should shoot the project. Hope this helps, Steve W.

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Subject: shotcrete walls

I have a project where the contractor "informed" me that they were going to
shotcrete a retaining wall in lieu of cast in place (after the footing was
poured). I am not near my code, but as I understand it, anything with bars
greater than #5 requires that test panels are prepared. Also there are
specific requirements for spacing and non-contact lap spices.

I am only aware of a few cases where shotcrete test panels have been
prepared. I know of one project where it took the contractor 8 attempts to
get it right. This project had large congested bars.


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