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RE: codifying engineering judgement, not possible

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I took the PE exam when a portion of it was still essay.  I was told by more
than a few engineers, including one of my college professors to take the
Civil PE exam instead of Structural I because structural problems are
generally more complex and take more time to solve.  It wasn't that I
couldn't solve the structural problems, it is a simple fact that if
arbitrarily on average it takes 2 hours to solve a structural problem and 1
hour to solve a civil problem the odds are not in your favor to successfully
complete a timed exam in a stressful environment.

For my own edification I subsequently took and passed the Structural I exam,
am in the process of completing the Structural II exam and I also intend to
take the Western Zone (California) structural exam.  I also am one who
believes continuing education is necessary and I regularly attend seminars
for this purpose even though most of the states in which I am registered
don't require continuing education credits.

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<snip> I am sorry but I know people practicing structural engineering that
have told me they went for the civil problems on the exam because the
structural problems are too hard.<snip>

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