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RE: insulated concrete wall form recommendations

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Harold O. Sprague

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> Sent:	Friday, August 16, 2002 11:00 AM
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> Subject:	insulated concrete wall form recommendations
> I have an owner who would like to use an "insulated concrete form"
> exterior wall system (commonly referred to as an ICF wall) for a church
> building.   I have never used them before and want to get some insight
> into using them.  I have read that they are very "installer dependant". 
> If the installer is inexperienced or poor then the finished work can be
> very poor.  The exterior wall finish is brick veneer up to sill height
> and then probably EIFS above that.
> Can I get some references both positive and negative to using this
> material?  What should I look out for?  What should I be sure is included
> in my specifications/notes?  What are some good references for design
> such as technical literature, magazine articles, manufacturers
> literature, etc.?  I know it comes in block shape and sheets.  Which has
> had the best results?  I have gable end walls that are very tall as you
> can image for a church sanctuary.  Are there any design rules for the
> width of wall based on the height?
> Thanks for your help!
> Rich
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