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RE: wine tanks

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regarding Mr. Yang's wine tanks, 

Coincidently just this past weekend I went on a tasting/ tour of a well
known winery in the heart of zone 4. I was amazed when we got to the eight
25,000 gallon stainless tanks, almost all had the classic "elephants foot"
bulging at the bottom of the tank, some even looked to have twisted! They
look like someone stepped on a beer can. I'm guessing about 12-14 ft. dia.
and 18-20 ft. tall. The guide explained that the tanks had been bolted down
and there was a 5-point something EQ in about 1985-86. He said some "seismic
experts" came out to investigate and said the tanks were OK to use and that
the damage probably occurred because they were bolted down. The experts
recommended that ALL OF THE BOLTS BE CUT OFF. A couple years later ('89)
loma prieta hit, centered less than 25 miles away. Most of the tanks moved
(slid) on the concrete pad a few inches but NO further damage occurred to
any of them. They are in use to this day (full), Not bolted, all mis-aligned
by a few inches! 

Matt Jordan, SE


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