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RE: Impact resistance of fiber reinforced concrete

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Additional resources that you may try are such base documents as Bechtel's Topical Report BC-TOP-9A (possibly available from the USNRCs Public Document Room) and Bechtel's Design Guide C-2.45 (same as previous).  You might also try the Texas Tech's Institute for Disaster Research. They have done a great deal of research on tornado borne missiles.
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From the design side the subject of penetration and scabbing from wood and steel missiles on concrete is covered in "Structural Analysis and Design of Nuclear Plant Facilities", ASCE -  Manual and Reports on Engineering Practice - No. 58.  I am not sure where you get it these days but a search of the internet should find it.  Most of the formulae are empirical based on varies types of testing.  The early testing was done by the military for obvious reasons and later on by Bechtel and Stone & Webster when nuclear power plants were the rage.

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Please respond to seaint

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        Subject:        Impact resistance of fiber reinforced concrete


I am required to design fiber reinforced concrete
targets to withstand the hits of projectiles of
certain calibres.  Could you please recommend some
references about the topic?  This is a part of my
master thesis, and I have almost a year to complete
the design but I need a starting point.  Thanks in

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Alp Eren Yurtseven