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Re: wine tanks

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>> He said some "seismic experts" came out to investigate and said the tanks 
>> were OK to use and that the damage probably occurred because they were 
>>  down. The experts recommended that ALL OF THE BOLTS BE CUT OFF.
>>  A couple years later ('89) loma prieta hit, centered less than 25 miles 
>>  Most of the tanks moved (slid) on the concrete pad a few inches but NO 
>>  damage occurred to any of them.
Good to hear. This is the rationale behind free-standing spent fuel 
storage racks. Limit the base shears to the force that can be sustained 
by friction rather than guess the maximum inertia load and allow for 
whatever displacement you might need. Interesting to hear that the motion 
was only a couple of inches--the assessments I've made were usually 
higher than that, which is comforting.  

I don't think you can do this with any old structure, and you really have 
to be careful about tipping, but it's a good idea to keep in mind.

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