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Re: wine tanks

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>Is the basic stability of the tanks such that overturning is a non-issue?
This always needs checking, recognizing that a tank in a confined area 
can only tip so far. 

>What is the possibility of a winery worker or visitor being crushed between
>tanks as they are allowed to walk around? 
Probably about the same as someone being crushed under a tank when the 
supports give way. If the motion is only a few inches as stated, it's not 
likely that any serious injury would result except under contrived 
circumstances (Full magnum of wine left atop tank; slips off edge and 
brains bystander. Head thrust into confined area between tank and fixed 
object; skull fracture when tank moves. 

>(conversely, what is the
>possibility of drowning or killing someone with the escaping liquid if the
>tank splits?)
Don't see this one--bystander simply drinks his way to exit. (Didn't Bob 
and Doug MacKenzie demonstrate this one at a brewery?) Sorry--shouldn't 
make jokes about earthquates--won't happen again.

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