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Re: Hardy Frame Panel PFC #5342

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There is an applicable, ICBO approved, cyclical test protocol and the Hardy panel ER Report refers to cyclical test reports submitted. I would expect that their performance was not that different from the Simpson (and similar) panels and 4.4 is a reasonable value. The R values in the code are related to the structural system's internal damping and redundancy/reliability; but there is no rational, analytical method for calculating R. It looks to be a seat-of-the-pants selection made by some experienced engineers during the code process (somewhat akin to laws and sausages). I'd be more confident about the performance of a 4' Hardy panel than a typical 4' field constructed , 10d@ 2" o.c., OSB sheathed shearwall. However, that's just me. Feel free to assign any lower R value you feel more comfortable with.
Chuck Utzman,P.E.

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