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My understanding is that "Soff-cut" is the brand name of a type of saw used
to cut control joints while concrete is still "green", or "soft".   Saw has
a special foot or something where blade exits the cut to keep aggregate from
getting torn out.

Important thing to remember is that waiting more than 6-12 hours after
finishing the concrete to saw the joints means that the concrete has already
started cracking on its own--usually somewhere ELSE.  Optimally, saw the
joints as soon as the concrete will support a worker without damaging the
finish.  Better yet, use pull-top joints or something else that forms the
control joints into the concrete, or tool the joints into the wet concrete
as part of the finishing process.

Control joint depth should be about 1/4 to 1/3 the slab thickness to be
effective.  ACI has a great publication on slabs-on-grade (ACI 302.1?) for
joint spacing, etc.

Thor Matteson, S.E.

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