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Re: Floor finish requirements

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ACI 318 will not include anything on floor flatness requirements (at least
from what I recall).  The floor flatness is typically not a "code" issue
(i.e. minimum safety) but rather a "performance" issue that will vary
depending on the project.  This means that it will not be specified by a
code but would rather be specified in the contract documents (i.e.

As mentioned by others, ACI 117 (and ACI 301) would be what to consider.
You need to keep in mind, however, that ACI 117 DOES NOT actually provide
the requirements to be used but rather the various requirements that can
be chosen from and then used.  In otherwords, just referencing ACI 117
won't really do still need to tell the contractor what type
of floor flatness you want (i.e. do you want just flat or super flat?,
etc).  The point is that ACI 117 outlines what the tolerance would be for
a flat floor, a superflat floor, or a normal floor, but not specify which
to must still say which is to be used on the project.

Also, be careful of how you use the Ff and Fl numbers is you go that
route.  Both numbers do not apply for either a slab-on-grade or supported
floor (I can't recall which at the moment...I don't have my 117 with me
right now).


Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, jccpc wrote:

> Steven
> Thanks for your response. That was actually my own opinion, also including ACI 117, Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials and ASTM E 1155, Standard Test Method for Determining Floor Flatness and Levelness but I have been told BOCA and ACI 318 both reference floor finish requirements, which I have been unable to determine. Hence the open question.
> Thanks again.
> James Cohen, PE
> James Cohen Consulting, PC
> Pennington, NJ
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>   You will need to consult ACI 302.1R; Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction and/or 
>   ACI 360R; Design of Slabs on Grade. 
>   Steven A. 
>   Los Angeles 

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